Your crazy family

Dear Logie,

First I want to tell you that I actually wrote this on Dec 19th, but I must have forgotten to publish it. I’m telling you this, because it says that your first Christmas is only 6 days away, but is labeled as Dec 20. I don’t want you to think that your mother is an idiot.

Your first Christmas is only 6 days away, and your first birthday is only 1 month away. Obviously, the holidays are a time to reflect upon the year that has passed, and I am blown away by the things that have happened in 2011.  You brought in the year on the 19th, and have kept us busy enough since then to fill up 5 years.  Ya know what? I wouldn’t change one single second. Every part of every thing that has happened has made you who you are, has made me a better person, and has shown everyone in our lives what really is important in life.

I know that you are too young to understand it now, but some day when you are older, you will see exactly how amazing your family is, and I am sure that you will be proud. The day you had surgery, everyone was there in the waiting room. Timmy, Amanda, and the girls came from NJ, Ri, Mickey, Neeser, Papa, Nini, Aunt Kim, Uncle Pete, Liam, and Aunt Amy came all that way just to sit and wait to make sure that you were ok. Timmy and Amanda didn’t even stay the night! They waited until surgery was over, and made sure that you were OK and then left. How amazing is that? Chris found a rental house nearby, that Neeser, Mickey, Ri and Nini stayed in for just about 2 weeks. Neeser was amazing! She asked the doctors all of the questions that I was afraid to ask, and translated things that were above my head. Ri made sure that I had plenty of sour patch kids, and salt and vinegar chips, Nini was there to do what she does best (worry), and Mickey was there to do what she does best, which is sit and knit, or do some sort of crossword puzzle. I can’t explain it to you, but the fact that she can sit there so calmly and carry on a normal conversation while all of the craziness was going on was comforting. You just look at her, and she looks so relaxed, you would have thought that you were having a tooth filled. If she was the least bit nervous, I never knew it,m and that kept me as calm as I could possibly be. Obviously daddy and Connor were there as well. Daddy, was a rock star. He held it together the entire time you were in surgery, and never let me know that he was worried. Then when the nurse came out and talked to us and told us that everything went great and that you were being moved back up to the ICU, he cried like a baby. It was the first time I had ever seen daddy cry other than when you and Connor were born. Connor was only 2, so at the time he really didn’t understand what was going on. He knew that you were sick, and that your heart was broken. We left it at that, because we didn’t want to scare him.

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